Practical Learning. Sabbath Rest. Collegial Support.


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for a four-day training experience for pastors, deacons, and church leaders that offers practical learning, Sabbath rest and collegial support. Leading Well events offer a unique blend of "nuts and bolts" skill development along with worship, retreat, and sharing of best practices. Come and learn with and from your talented colleagues across the country.

  • Do you need to gain skills in staff and volunteer management?
  • Do you need to think through a strategic or staffing challenge in your congregation?
  • Do you need to be grounded in a sense of call, worship, retreat, and support from colleagues?
  • Do you need to all three and more? Keep reading!


  • Refine your capacity to work effectively with staff and volunteers.
  • Explore your gifts, strengths and values, and their implications for how you lead.
  • Practice what it means for you to live and lead well.
  • Learn ways to interpret your ministry context.
  • Take time for worship, prayer, rest and fellowship.



for specific resources from these sessions, click here



  • Leading Well: What is my vision?
  • Forming Leadership in Context


  • Building Great Teams That Get Results
  • Living into God's Preferred Future: A Spirit-driven Approach to Strategic Planning


  • Embracing Conflict as Opportunity
  • I-Opt Advance Leadership Report
  • Technology Tools for Ministry


  • Crowd-sourcing
  • Leadership Formation Plan



  • Pastors who lead a ministry staff team.
  • Deacons and program staff who work with paid and volunteer team members.
  • Deacons and Health Ministers serving congregations to support wellness ministry initiatives. 
  • Those who are newly called to lead a ministry team and are interested in sharpening their leadership skills.
  • Judicatory leaders seeking to support congregations in developing healthy cultures and systems.




Individual registration costs include tuition for the event plus 3 nights lodging and 9 meals.  Rates vary based on room occupancy, if you stay onsite, and if you are Siebert Grant recipient:

  • $820 for individual registration (double occupancy)
  • $925 for individual registration (single occupancy)
  • $625 for individual registration (commuter rate)
  • $0 for individual registration (Siebert Grant recipient - double occupancy)
  • $125 for individual registration (Siebert Grant recipient - single occupancy)
  • $415 for individual registration (non-participating spouse)

Learn More About What We Do at these Learning Retreats

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Are you a Lutheran, and a resident of Wisconsin? Did you know that the Siebert Lutheran Foundation now offers grants to support the full 3-year curriculum, including cohort-based coaching? Visit the Siebert website to learn more, download the informational brochure, or download the grant application.

Interested? REgister for an event!

Carefree, AZ

November 14-17, 2017

November 13-16, 2018

Spirit in the Desert Retreat Center hosts our AZ retreat each Nov. Participants will have the opportunity to hike, walk the outdoor labyrinth, or soak in the pool or hot tub.

Delray Beach, FL

January 23-26, 2018

January 22-25, 2019

The Duncan Center, hosts our FL retreat each January.          Participants will have access to the beach, outdoor & indoor labyrinths, pool, and hot tub.