The Philosophy and Approach of Leading Well Events

Leading Well is a "learning retreat" meant for church leaders of every stripe. It is for anyone who works with paid staff or volunteers in the context of a church. This means first-call pastors, last-call pastors, Discipleship Coordinators, Deacons, Youth Directors, and anyone else who feels the call to follow Christ through service in the Church.

Our events are a unique blend of practical learning and sabbath rest, with a focus on the leader as a whole person. Presentations cover everything from technological tools for ministry to leveraging conflict as an opportunity for growth.

Part of the "special sauce" of this event is that our facilitators understand themselves to be more than presenters; they are the stewards of the event. We recognize that only some of the wisdom shared at the event will come from their prepared materials; much comes from YOU; the leaders who come, each bringing their own gifts and diverse experiences. Indeed, many of our past participants have commented that their greatest "takeaways" came from synthesizing the content presented with the talented colleagues who attended with them!

Each participant leaves the event with a "Leadership Formation Plan" tailored to their context, gifts, and present needs.

Read the comments from past participants to learn what you might expect from your time with us!

We invite you to see what a learning retreat is all about!

Event Facilitators